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Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses. Happy Valentines Day

I’m scared to look at u.. B’coz the more I do.. The more I fall in love with u…!!!

Love is not just at the moment it is forever.

A good friend will help you move a best friend will help you move a dead body.

The minute you think of giving up think of the reason why you held on so long.

Life can give us lot of beautiful persons, But only one person is enough for a beautiful life…♥

When the angels ask what I most loved about life, Ill say you.

Love is a policy without terms and conditions

Love+trust+honesty=long relationship ?

I’m all yours.

If i had to chose between breathing and loving you, then i would chose my last breath and say i love you

“You compliment someone for their mustaches suddenly she isn’t your friend anymore.

You know you’re in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world.

Love is like a Air.. We cant see it but we can feel it..

Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it lasts.

We love because it’s the only true adventure.

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Never love anything that can’t love you back.

You can rest in my life forever

I’m crazy but original you try to be me and you fail..

Every man needs two women…. a quiet home-maker….. and a thrilling nymph. Happy Valentines Day

One day i really want to say I MADE IT.

My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way.

The person who makes you happiest is the person who can hurt you the most.

People build wall’s not to keep others out But to see who cares enough to break them down.

You looking most amazing,wonderful,fantastic,smart,charming, dazing…

No matter where I went I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.

When i met you i found life.

Explaining my love for you… Is like explaining colors to a blind man.

lord knows i love you but some days i just want to ring your neck!!

Nothing cures like time and love. Happy Valentines Day


Whenever i see your text the first thing comes in my mind is YOU. ♥ :p

Beautiful face Beautiful body Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.

You are so lucky if you are sad and someone is making an effort to make you smile.. ?

Every friendship dosen’t change into love but every love begins with friendship.


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Real love begins where nothing is expected in return…. Happy Valentines Day

Everyone thinks that love hurts.. But love never hurts.. Rejection hurts.. Loneliness hurts.. Love is the only feeling which covers all the pain…

Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself

We fall in love by chance but we stay in love by choice.

Familiar acts are beautiful through love. Happy Valentines Day

I didn’t think it was possible to steal something as big as my heart but obviously you managed to do it.

When you talk to a woman… Listen to what she says with her eyes…

The person who loves you truly is the most precious thing in your life..

I love it when you act silly around me.:)

If i could be an angel, i would make ur every wish come true. But i am only human, just a Boy who will always love u…..

Your smile is the key of my heart.

True love stories never have endings.

having a relationship is easy.. the hardest part is on maintaining it.

Love is the only thing that control every single emotion you have.

If i had the world in mah hands id give it all to you

My eight word love story: I fell in love with an Army man.

Distance is just a test , how far love can travel!!

LOVE looks not with the eyes but with THE SOUL

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I wish love had traffic lights…So that i’ll know weather I should GO for it Slow down or just STOP. …more funny whatsapp status

A single text from u can change my mood at any time.. ?


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Love your pets no matter what, because one day they could be gone, then you’ll realize just how much they really meant to you.

I love our COUNTRY, it’s our GOVERNMENT that scares me!

I don’t understand how can I case so much when you don’t care at all.

My heart is perfect because.. you are inside.

Love is a game in which both players cheat. Happy Valentines Day

An Eye with Dust and A Heart with Trust Always Cries

Life is too short to cry on….

If you don’t give her the attention that she needs there is always someone out there that would love too

You will feel love more when you are alone. Happy Valentines Day

She laugh at my dreams but I dream of her laughter.

Love is the perfect feeling that makes two imperfect people perfect for each other..

True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries!

Live every moment , laugh every day, love beyond words…

Dear crush You’ve crushed me

I’m a great lover Ill bet.

The hottest love has the coldest end. Happy Valentines Day

Love is the beauty of the soul.

Honestly, I’m excited for the future. I know I’m going to be great and do great things.

Love is not to be purchased….and affection has no price… Happy Valentines Day

My love for you is a journey that starts at forever and ends at never in Life…


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If I could have one dance with you I’d play a song that last forever.

Everything is fair in Love and War.

If i give you my heart, don’t lose it. Because i don’t make spares.

Thinking of you is easy I do it every day in life. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away…

A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then hes finished.

my worst enemy is my heart because it is mine but beats for you only

Everyone says you only fall in love once but that’s not true every time i hear your voice I fall in Love all over again.

Sometimes when I look at you, I can’t speak much cuz my mind thinks more than my heart…

People need love even when they do not deserve it. Happy Valentines Day

He loves death she loves life he lives for her she dies for him…

You were my secret smile… now you’re my obvious tear…

No matter what happens I will never let anything change how i feel about you.

How beautiful life can be when touched by love. Happy Valentines Day

A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.

It only hurts when you love someone and you know they don’t love you back.

If love is great, and there are no greater things, then what I feel for you must be the greatest. Happy Valentines Day

I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. Happy Valentines Day

Everything fair in love and war. Happy Valentines Day

Loving someone who is loving another one is like hugging a cactus. The more you hug, the more it hurts!


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Love has no limits.

When a guy is away from his girl, all he wants is her trust. But on the girl’s part, all she needs is his loyalty.

I don’t regret my past I just regret the time i’ve wasted with wrong people.

If someone you love hurts you cry a river build a bridge and get over it.

Everybody wants a happy ending but except me i want a never ending happiness with u

Time goes by a very slower when you miss the someone who love you.

The best love affairs are those we never had.

I know nothing about sex, because I was always married. Happy Valentines Day

Love: The triumph of imagination over intelligence.

A poet without love were a physical and metaphysical impossibility. Happy Valentines Day

My heart is stolen..can I check your bra

If love was easy there would be almost no music.

If you have no new message from you dear man, it’s nice to read even the old ones

You are my entire world my very reason to live and because the way you make me feel you you my heart I give.

The person loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason

People who hide their feelings usually cares the most.

It doesn’t matter how much u flirt d whole day, at night u’ll always end up thinking about the 1 u truly love…

All love is sweet given or returned.

So far but I love you always dream without fear love without limits..


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Choose happiness by taking life day by day complaining very little and being thankful for the little things that mean a lot

Email and texts will never replace hearing a voice or seeing a face.

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

You cant “steal” anyone from anybody, they were already prepared to leave, you`re just the excuse.

Everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever.

Best Love Status Ever

When I think of you. I don’t feel so alone.

Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.

You’re the ping to my pong.

Where love is concerned….. too much is not enough.

Love is an illusion.

If you are not interested then don t cheat him.. Better leave him..

Psychology says, you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy, even if its not with you

The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever.

Insomnia can be a blessing if you have someone to talk with, the whole night..

If you would be loved…. love and be lovable. Happy Valentines Day

When I think about you.. I don’t feel so alone….

In love Never say Sorry

maybe I’m too late to be your FIRST LOVE, BUT IN MY CASE RIGHT NOW, I’m just preparing myself to be your LAST….

If you love a person….. you can forgive anything. Happy Valentines Day

Love is when you tell a guy you love his shirt then he wears it everyday.

sometimes I’m too scared to look into your beautiful eyes cause i don’t want to fall even more in love with you

Paradise is always where love resides.

I Will love you until the day after forever. I love you

Love is life, but honesty bhi jaruri hai

I will never know where this love came from

Nothing feels better than a surprise text from that person you miss.

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Food Water Sleep Love Whatsapp Repeat it.

Fortune and love favor the brave. Happy Valentines Day

U and ME make a wonderful WE

Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure Love will come from the heart without reason. And stay every season.

Love is a better teacher than duty. Happy Valentines Day

No matter how busy a person is…if they really love they will always find the time for you.

You re special to me in every way. Thank you for being who you are.

Last night I hugged my pillow and dream of you. I wish that someday I’d dream about my pillow and I’d be hugging you.

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. Happy Valentines Day

Being someones first love may be great but to be their last is beyond perfect.

Let me love you if not for the rest of your life then for the rest of mine.

There are only two times that I want to be with you… Now and Forever. I Love You So Much

I started believing in LOVE wen u said 4 the 1st time tat LOVE is BEAUTIFUL THING

The heart that loves stays always young.

Love conquers all things let us too surrender to love.

Id cross the world for someone like you.

Love is that which can makes you smile when you’re tired..

I’m in love with you and nothing could make me stop loving you.

Love in Life Make the life beautiful..

If there is anything that I learned is that it is okay to be flawed–because sometimes those flaws attract the right person.

I Found the Way to Love everyone But I didn’t learn the way to Feel Others LOVE to me.

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